Saving the Environment

We live on an amazing planet, rich in resources and able to sustain an incredible diversity of life. But we cannot take for granted it will always be this way. All around us are the warning signs of environmental crises. This century already has seen 16 of the hottest 17 years ever recorded in human history. We are in the midst of what scientists have called the sixth mass extinction. Hurricanes and wildfires are spreading, seas are rising and wildlife is in decline. Whilst other political parties talk about the environment, they have repeatedly failed to make the urgent changes needed to protect our natural world, to safeguard us from climate breakdown and to preserve the future. The Green Party are the only party that will look after the planet on which we all depend by:

Strengthening international agreements on climate change

Moving from GDP as the only way measure progress

Rapidly accelerate the roll-out of renewable

Reducing our energy consumption

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