Support County Durham Green Party to stand candidates across the county.

In recent years Durham Green Party has grown and  put a new stamp on the ground around County Durham, we have been a new voice for people who don’t agree that central power in few hands builds a better community.

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As well as standing in the Local Elections (polling well in our target areas) we have also fought campaigns in many neighbourhoods and recently made strong comments on the County Durham Plan.

We are not day dreaming idealists, we are a community of strong candidates with many many years of political and democratic experience. We can do more.

This December we want to stand stronger than ever in delivering a message of hope. A message for County Durham, for the North East, and for the Country. There is another way to do politics and the Green Party believes strongly in representing communities right down to the last individual.

We are not bank rolled by Big Business. We do not have large wealthy Unions giving us hand outs. We fund ourselves and represent the policies decided by us, democratically, and according to the need of the communities we serve.

If you want to see a change in the political world, help us delver our message. We want to raise as much money as possible to not only stand in every seat in County Durham (6 seats) but also to fight hard campaigns on the streets, in towns and villages across all constituencies. You can help us by donating to our Election Fund today. Please give what you can, we require £3000 to stand all candidates and all extra money raised will go to supporting campaigns. Help us make this a campaign fit for purpose.

Thank you

Thom Robinson

Chairman, County Durham Green Party

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