Derek Morse – North Durham

I live in Chester-le-Street and am a retired Chartered Engineer. For some 17 years I served as an elected Councillor at both District and County levels only standing down when work took me to Humberside.
In this election both the media and the major parties are already fixated on Brexit. They call it the Brexit election. Yet in reality Brexit is a dangerous distraction – a distraction from the real crisis of climate catastrophe. Once again it is the Greens who are demanding urgent action. Only this time we are joined by a massive wave of support from School Strikers, Extinction Rebellion and tens of thousands of Climate Scientists and Ecologists.
My primary aim in standing for election is to refocus attention on the real crisis that we and our children face. The evidence is crystal clear, unless drastic action is taken now, we are faced with hardships and possible societal collapse in the years to come. BUT it does not have to be so dreadful IF our politicians behaved responsibly. Change is needed and needed right now.
That is why I am standing now as a GREEN Candidate.

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