Response to the County Durham plan

The following documents (after the summary) comprise the formal response of County Durham Green Party to the County Durham Plan Preferred Options paper and Sustainability Appraisal Report, as part of the public consultation processed launched by Durham County Council in June 2018. The text of those documents can be found here and here.

In preparing this response, CDGP has engaged in an open and in-depth consultation with Green Party members and supporters across the County, holding a series of meetings with members and some non-members interested in the issues we were raising, and inviting individual members to submit their comments electronically.

Summary of response

Comments on Preferred Options paper:

Consultation and format
Vision and development principles
Housing – quantity and type
Housing – distribution
Housing – greenbelt releases
Housing – design
Commercial development and economy
Community development and infrastructure funding
Energy and climate change
Other environmental

Comments on Sustainability Appraisal Report

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