Jonathan Elmer – City of Durham

Jonathan Elmer has worked in Durham for about 20 years, and lives in Langley Moor with his wife Priscilla.  Their 2 children go to the Durham Johnston School.  Jonathan has worked as Sustainable Development Manager for the City of Durham Council and also works as a consultant ecologist.   He is currently giving evidence at a public examination of Labour’s County Durham Plan and trying to stop Labour favouring economic development of the City at the expense of Durham’s Towns and Villages.  Jonathan considers the Climate and Ecological crises to be the top priority for this election.  He also supports the need for a peoples vote and would campaign for REMAIN and REFORM

Derek Morse – North Durham

I live in Chester-le-Street and am a retired Chartered Engineer. For some 17 years I served as an elected Councillor at both District and County levels only standing down when work took me to Humberside.
In this election both the media and the major parties are already fixated on Brexit. They call it the Brexit election. Yet in reality Brexit is a dangerous distraction – a distraction from the real crisis of climate catastrophe. Once again it is the Greens who are demanding urgent action. Only this time we are joined by a massive wave of support from School Strikers, Extinction Rebellion and tens of thousands of Climate Scientists and Ecologists.
My primary aim in standing for election is to refocus attention on the real crisis that we and our children face. The evidence is crystal clear, unless drastic action is taken now, we are faced with hardships and possible societal collapse in the years to come. BUT it does not have to be so dreadful IF our politicians behaved responsibly. Change is needed and needed right now.
That is why I am standing now as a GREEN Candidate.

Dr. David Sewell – North West Durham

I was born in Bishop Auckland and now live in Stanhope working as a digital marketing strategist, helping companies find ways to make the best use of the internet.

We live in a pivotal age, not only with domestic issues such as the future of the NHS, the increasing wealth divide or stress and well-being at work, but also on the larger much more pressing issue facing us all – global climate change.

I’m standing as a candidate because I am concerned about our future.

We don’t have another planet to move to, so it’s crucial we take better care of this one. Our record of poor stewardship of the planet we all depend on must be reversed.

Micro-plastics are now found in our food and our water supplies and we are beginning to research where they collect inside us and how seriously they may affect our health. We are on the brink of a mass extinction event and only the Green Party is prepared to make the radical changes necessary to safeguard the future for our children and grand-children and protect the environment from unfettered exploitation.

I am standing to give you the chance to sweep aside the old style politics and vote for the future of us all. The time to vote Green is now.

Dr. John Furness – Sedgefield

I am Dr John Furness, your Green Party candidate for Sedgefield. I am a consultant paediatrician and a father. I live in Darlington and worked in Darlington and County Durham for 14 years until December 2018.

Politics and society need to change. The climate is warming as we consume more fossil fuels. This is causing the greatest harm to the world’s poorest.  The divide between rich and poor in UK and the world is widening which is associated with an unhappier society. Desperately poor, unhappy and angry people are drawn to extremes like terrorism. UK children and young adults are some of the unhappiest in Europe. (World Health Organisation and Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health). The country is divided and is isolating itself from our European friends. Financial wealth is the barometer of a successful society. We have concentrated on one issue, Brexit. An ill informed referendum showed the country to be split 50:50 (statisticians use standard error of 2.5% either side to describe the chance a result is reached by error. In other words on Wednesday the result could have been 52.5 leave 47.5 remain and on Thursday 52.5 remain and 48,5 leave). We have not been allowed to check we feel the same. We are probably united that we want independence to make our own democratic choices but to work and play with our neighbours. We have failed to implement those common core themes arguing about details. The United Kingdom, a country that has been stronger by the union of nations, is under threat of separation.

The Green Party offers a real change.  It is not  mainstream party that has been involved with the politics that has brought us to this point. Instead of burning fossil fuels it promotes renewable energy. Instead of division it sees cooperation.  Instead of a successful society being measured in £ and p it measures it in happiness and wellbeing.   Instead of poverty it proposes a universal salary.  

I am not a politician but an imperfect human. I am standing to give you a chance for vote for these values. I will not invade your personal space by door knocking. I will visit your area on dates to be announced and will meet you in your homes if you invite me.

face of John